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Higgs Phonics Research

Higgs Phonics Makes Learning To Read Easy!

You can have your students read on grade level quickly and easily. An effective new phonics and reading method has been developed for your use in the classroom.

This research-based phonics and reading system is called Higgs Phonics. Ten years in research and development, Higgs Phonics produces dramatic results with non-readers. Assistant Superintendent, Dr Charles Flowers, called it a “mandatory intervention for below-grade-level-readers’.

Higgs Phonics produces dramatic results within 40 instructional hours! Results from the Woodcock- Johnson Reading subjects, scientifically validated immediate growth (one year +) and improvement after only 20 hours of Higgs Phonics instruction!

Higgs Phonics Research

The Maywood Study
According to the ISAT results for Maywood youth, students are reading far below the state average. All 30 youths who participated were administered a pre-test. After 20 hours of instruction they were administered a post-test — using the Woodcock-Johnson Revised edition subtests in Word Attack, Word identification, and Passage Comprehension.

Proven Results: Higgs Phonics is Highly Effective!

How Higgs Phonics Helped Nia Improve

Nia was introduced to Higgs Phonics in the Summer following the 3rd grade. Her parents were desperate for Nia not to repeat the 3rd grade. Whole language had not worked and phonics was not being taught thoroughly in the classroom. Nia had not responded to every traditional remedial intervention technique.

In less than 40 hours, one hour per day, Nia completed Higgs Phonics Volumes one and two. Today Nia is in the gifted program and her ISAT scores went from below grade level in the 3rd grade, to above grade level in the 4th grade.

In the 5th grade Nia won first place in the District spelling bee. Now, a 6th grader Nia has been placed in advanced Algebra grade 8, and she tested 11th grade reading level on last year’s ISAT.
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