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New Phonics Study Series Enables English Reading Mastery in 40 Hours or Less

Higgs Phonics integrated; three-volume series employs key phonetic rules to develop unique decoding skills to build solid English reading and language ability for learners of all ages.

CHICAGO, Ill. – Higgs Phonics LLC, Chicago, has published three-volume phonics and reading workbook series authored by noted educator R.L. Higgs. The volumes are scientifically designed to equip students with the tools they need to read every English word in 40 hours or less.

The Higgs Phonics Series facilitates a rapid learning process by actively engaging students in the learning dynamic itself through a series of highly involving practice exercises. Using a carefully crafted repetition of similarly targeted exercises, Higgs Phonics allows students to quickly grasp, retain and comprehend key concepts as they work their way toward reading mastery.

Higgs Phonics begins by introducing learners to the alphabet, letter shape, vowel and consonant sounds. It then addresses consonant blends, diphthongs, variable vowel sounds and other pronunciation elements through a series of easily learned decoding skills. Higgs Phonics concludes by examining the various parts of speech with more complex words and word patterns.  This provides a better understanding of the language as it is written and spoken. All three volumes of Higgs Phonics work in conjunction to build and expand students’ vocabulary and comprehension skills.
“In the past, reading was thought to be a highly irregular task and difficult to master,” says Higgs. “But current scientific research has proven that the English phonetic system is highly organized and predictable.”

Higgs utilized these research-based insights to create and deliver a powerful new instructional series that makes the path to reading enjoyable and easy. Higgs Phonics is written to speak directly to students and engage, educate and inspire them. The books are used by teachers, tutors, trainers, parents or anyone seeking to improve their English reading skills. Higgs Phonics is suitable for children and adults who speak English as a native language, and is also an excellent means of accelerating the learning of English as a second language.

The Higgs Phonics Series also offers an additional volume that provides answers to exercises in the three instructional volumes. For the professional teaching/training community or educators interested in incorporating Higgs Phonics in their curricula, a companion volume on vocabulary assessment is available, as is a structured, highly detailed teachers manual and guide.

Higgs Phonics is available in print or in e-book form online at and other channels.

About the Author

R.L. Higgs is an educator, curriculum developer, and master teacher with more than 30 years of experience. In her doctoral research and extensive classroom experience, she has discovered that learning to read English need not be difficult or arduous. Drawing on that experience, she has created a method of “decoding” that can be learned and universally applied to rapidly achieve reading mastery.

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R.L. Higgs
Phone: (510) 250-2614

Review copies and interviews available.
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